• Bring to life a more unknown past – the hustle and bustle of the old city of Bucharest
  • Rediscover Bucharest, the city exciting stories, gossips, secrets & more
  • Relive the past from a modern perspective
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Signage
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
Alcoholic Beverages



Design a logo structure that visually conveys the spirit of the old Bucharest city and its Romanian heritage in a modern style.


Working for a new beer brand launch is a dream for any designer therefore when United Romanian Beer Breweries (URBB) invited us to bring to life the soul of the old city of Bucharest via a new beer brand identity we were really enthusiastic.

The project challenge was to recapture the original Romanian spirit and Bucharest stories with all its unknown secrets and share it with the new generation that deserves to know the fascinating past of the place.

The chosen font is a vintage-inspired script based on hand lettering, created carefully to make a good flow. An easy, modern style was added to reinterpret the vintage script and bring it in present times. The pictogram of the hat, as part of the logo, is drawn in order to symbolize the world of the theater, with very common resembles the period of Bucharest Belle Époque and its audience.

The composition is inspired by the humor & intrigues founded in Caragiale’s best theater plays, a famous Romanian drama writer. The logo together with the hand-drawn illustrations of two famous Romanian buildings – Capsa House & Athenaeum are emphasizing this vibrant, captivating period of the Bucharest city.

Our purpose was to create a unique and innovative packaging design for Bucur beer that nicely combines a modern concept direction with a touch of the old city charm.  A design that tells a story, it is appealing to our target audience and builds awareness for the new beer brand.