Corporate Printed Materials
Furniture Manufacturing



Tino Mob is a Romanian-owned company founded in 2004 that produces and sells furniture for commercial premises, office furniture, and also home furniture. Their belief is that the spaces we conduct business in and those we call “home” represent us, speak about us in subtle yet impactful ways. They reflect our philosophy and lifestyle, our taste.

Like a very good tailor, Tino Mob accommodates clients’ needs and wants by getting to know them and their business bringing the solutions that best fit all.

In 2016, Tino Mob decided to explore other markets with their custom-made furniture, therefore new identity materials and a dedicated brochure were requested. Our purpose was to design an original communication material that shows the detailed work and many fields they accommodate – the brochure and a set of stationery materials that better emphasized their current visual identity, all dedicated to foreign customers from the Middle East.