• Brand Audit & Positioning
  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Corporate Visual Identity



February 2017 – a freezing winter day outside but a very first, warm-welcoming meeting with a team of young enthusiastic from a local company specialized in digital marketing services for international clients – Lion Publishing. The brief was launched together with a clear highlight: we need to see where we stand right now and this is what we dream to become in the future!

A complex project that started with a fair diagnose of the current business. We ran an internal brand perceptional audit that truly revealed what are the two organizational cultures under which the company operated: a client-oriented culture and an individual leadership culture. We discovered a company where the internal spirit is described via positivity, a belonging feeling, and freedom of speech.

We continued with the brand DNA, defining the vision, mission, and main brand values, writing the final positioning statement for the new services company with the final brand name ‘Plai digital’  – naturally connected with Romanian roots. Plai digital is the authentic digital hot spot from Central & Eastern Europe. Plai Digital was determined to become the best digital marketing provider in Eastern Europe that, through great services and with a bold team, to contribute to the society we live in.

The new logotype intended to translate the main values of the new services company: they are dynamic, they work in a fast environment, and they always strive for more. The embroidered pattern – a mark of Romanian tradition is nicely merged with the pixels – the mark of the digital world, resulting in an authentic-modernity combination. The new identity was nicely transferred on different support materials and stationery, internal branding ideas, and new website development.

We are proud to showcase this project as one of the most complex and complete projects we touched.