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A superb location, only 120 km away from Bucharest, at the foot of Leaota Mountains, surrounded by forests and small rivers, Pensiunea Potcoava could be seen as the perfect refugee for friends and families. This beautiful location with more than 30.000 square meters is well known for its equestrian tourism too, offering amazing horse riding experience doubled by perfect accommodation conditions for families or corporate groups.

In 2016 we were approached to create a visual identity for this unique location. The idea for this piece of heaven came from the passion and enthusiasm of a big dreamer, Ionut Popescu, who loves horses and wanted to build a green retreat aiming to promote wildlife of Romania and eco-friendly activities for nature lovers.

Starting with this in mind we designed an identity that speaks about the authenticity of this location and also translates the owner’s dream. We kept the simple approach for the logo typography introducing a dynamic horse identifier as part of the composition to express the vibe and energy of this amazing place.